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Salsa de Calle.. from Italy to Norway!

posted May 9, 2012, 12:35 AM by Sjur Bakka
Andrea Guion
Come and experience the Italian salsa instructor Andrea Guion in a special-sole course directly from Italy about reggaeton, cuban salsa and bachata! 

Suitable for dancers at a intermediate level.

3 Tuesdays, 22.05, 29.05 and 05.06, from 7:00 to 10 pm.

Link to registration and payment:

> Who are you?


<Andrea> I’m Andrea, nice to meet you!!! XD
I come from Italy, where I cooperate with one
of the biggest Salsa School of the North East: Salsa De Calle by Mary!!!
Check the picture, maybe you saw me and maybe we’ve already
introduced ourselves. =)

> What is this course about?


<Andrea> It’s a special-sole course directly from Italy about reggaeton,
cuban salsa and bachata!


> Who can participate in?

<Andrea> Every “intermediate level” cuban salsa dancer! ..I recommend it to “advanced level”
as well.. If you satisfy these requirements , you are very patience, and ready to learn
something more and to have fun.. then you are welcome!!!
Be fast, there is a very low limited number of applications! 12 hombres,12 mujeres
< > Are we going to dance alone, or with a partner?

<Andrea> Both of them!!!


> Can you give me a “preview”?

<Andrea> Yep! Just a little one! We are going to dance reggaeton every time, at the
beginning. Just to learn to dance it quite good and to warm-up. Then we are going
to learn something about advanced-bachata (top secret!!!), a lot of really useful
details to dance cuban salsa with a “little bit” more style, and new combinations!


> Do I have to bring with me something?

<Andrea> Remember just the most important things that you have always to take with you
wherever you are going to dance. Peppermints, deodorant and great desire to have

> Thanks!


<Andrea> You’re welcome! See you soon!!!