Dear Salsa Friends,

Publiseringsdato: Sep 22, 2010 1:32:39 PM

SalsaNor Trondheim is now approaching its one year anniversary. This will be celebrated at the best Latinweekend ever, so make sure you have 6 – 7 November marked off in your calendar. Among other we have invited this year's European champion in Casino, Roynet Perez, to hold workshops at a high international level. More information will follow on, so stay tuned!

As quite a few of you know, SalsaNor is run by volunteers and on a non-profit basis. Our is aim to create a vibrant and open community for salsa, salsa mucic and other Latin-American dances.

To keep this community alive and vibrant and to be able to hold even better courses and other events, we need people to our classes. This autumn we have focused on giving free drop-in classes to show what salsa is, and are also offering several Intro Courses.

However, it appears we have trouble reaching people who are aspiring salsa dancers, but who just don't know it yet.

We believe the best marketing approach for salsa are happy participants at our courses in their own networks of acquintances, friends and family.

Are you among those who think we are doing a good thing and would like some more? Would you consider helping us with some marketing through your own networks?

These are things you could do:

  • Tell your friends and colleagues about SalsaNor and when our courses are being held.

  • Put up posters in your neighbourhood and at your work place.

  • If you're frequent user of Facebook, Twitter or other social media on the Internet – post a message about our next Intro Course.

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The last three Intro Courses this semester are:

  • Weekend course 25 – 26 September with Anastasia & Partner. Starts 12:00.

  • 4 week course starting Thursday 30 September with Sjur & Ingrid.

  • 4 week course starting Thursday 28 October with Torbjørn & Bente.

Are you interested in giving us a hand with this, but need posters, programs etc? Send an e-mail to

We would also like to remind you of our recruitment campaign. By recruiting 5 persons to an Intro Course, you will receive a free course of your own choice at SalsaNor Trondheim. Remember to ask your friends to enter your name when they sign up.

Hope to see you soon at one of our events.

With kind regards

The Board of SalsaNor Trondheim