Sign up for Latinweekend Spring Edition! (Guys in particular)

Publiseringsdato: Mar 11, 2013 4:25:9 PM

If you have not yet registered for the upcoming Latinweekend Spring Edition 16.-17 march, please do so! The registration for single ladies might be held closed to certain periods, because we want to maintain a good lady/gentleman balance.

Therefore: GUYS, PLEASE register and pay at the link below as soon as possible, so that we can have the registration for single ladies open! We can then guarantee great female dance partners for all of you boys at LatinWeekend :-)

For Registration follow the link below:

Note that registered SalsaNor Trondheim members get another 100 NOK discount (SalsaNor membership costs 100 NOK and will give you discount on all our Weekend arrangements till the end of 2013).

Also note that if boy&girl registers together, you both get 50 NOK discount.

=> Online payment is easier for us, and cheaper for you!

George Daniels is one of the guys already signed up to Latinweekend Spring Edition