Salsa & Rueda i Ilaparken - søndag 11/7 kl 17-20

Publiseringsdato: Jul 10, 2010 2:27:0 PM


OK friends: On Sunday two major events are creating conflicting dreams in our lifes: The weather forecast says "Warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in Trondheim" whilst the TV2 program says": Soccer World Championship FINAL: Orangjes vs Spain in South Africa starting at 20:30".

I suggest we try to get the most out of both by starng a SUMMER SALSA & RUEDA party in Ilaparken at 17:00, going on until approx 20:00 so soccer fans will still have time for the VM final. THIS EVENT WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF ENOUGH BOYS & GIRLS CLICK "WILL ATTEND". IT MAY BE CANCELED AT SHORT NOTICE ON SUNDAY IF TOO FEW DANCERS COMMIT.

=> It is up to you folks, if you click "will attend" and DO ATTEND I willl show up at the PAVILLION IN ILAPARKEN with my salsa music at 17:00 on Sunday, ready for playin some catchy music and shoutin out Rueada commands :-)


Nils Olav, SalsaNor Trondheim