Salsa Weekend with Jakov Krželj

Publiseringsdato: Jan 23, 2018 8:39:15 PM

March 17. - 18. the wonderful Croatian salsa dancer and instructor Jakov Krželj is coming to Trondheim to teach line style salsa (or Puertorican style salsa as it is called in Trondheim). Our own lovely Ingrid Berg Johnsen will be assisting him.

This will be a weekend filled with quality teaching, fun and laughter - you do not want to miss it! NB! Note that the build-up of the classes on Saturday and Sunday are identical but Saturday are for dancers at improver level whereas Sunday are for dancers at the intermediate level. If you are a dancer at intermediate level feel free to join both!

Sign-up links for the weekend

SATURDAY (intermediate), includes party entrance on Saturday

SUNDAY (advanced), includes party entrance on Saturday


Workshop 1: We are going Back to Basics. Here we will focus on isolation, body movements and how to polish and rock your basic step and move repertoire to look groovy with the music.

Workshop 2: which have been given the graceful nickname “Shine bright like a Diamond - Holy cow (s)he let go of my hands, what to do?!", the focus will be on building improvisation skills so you can shine in your shines.


Workshop 3 & 4: After lunch the focus will be on how to be a better social dancer since social dancing is the primary drive to take classes for all of us. Jakov will teach soft and precise leading, Ingrid attentive following. Together they will teach how to create flow and be musical while social dancing - often called co-creation of the dance. There will of course be turn patterns too!

One of the aims during the third and fourth workshop is to reassemble your "Lego pieces" in creative ways, that is creating awareness of the pieces you have and different ways to build them. All of this are instant way to up your social dancing. They will also touch upon different moods of the music and how to respond to and dance with different energy in the music.


If you are attending just one dance weekend in Trondheim in 2018 then this should be the one. Find a partner to get ready to sign up!